In case you’ve never opened a web hosting account or you’ve switched companies and the new one deploys an account management console that you haven’t seen before, you may become baffled about how to complete a certain task in your account or on your computer. This is why, lots of hosting providers have compiled a knowledge base, which specifies the most frequent inquiries and problems related to the particular platform they use, instead of adding only general information. Such a knowledge base will allow you to find the needed information swiftly and easily, so you won’t have to waste a lot of time and efforts on things that may require something as simple as pressing a button or ticking off a checkbox. Thus, not only can you get stuff done, but you can also acquaint yourself with many new and helpful facts, both about the way you can manage your account and about the way the web hosting service functions in general.
Extensive Online Documentation in Hosting
Our hosting packages come with an elaborate knowledge base where you can find information on all the issues that you might experience and their resolutions. You can find out how to create and manage a mailing list, how to use an .htaccess file, or how to proceed if the settings of your email client are accurate, but you are unable to send email messages, for instance. We have tried our utmost best to be as exhaustive as possible and to cover all the available options so as to save you time and to give you different solutions for each and every issue. The knowledge base features educational articles as well – both generic ones about the hosting service as a whole, and more specific ones, which will help you become acquainted with the features and functions of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel. You can find articles that are dedicated to specific features and functions in every section of the Control Panel, whereas if you prefer to see the full article collection, you should go to the all-encompassing Help section.
Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We’ve prepared an exhaustive online knowledge base for all our present and future clients, so in case you purchase a semi-dedicated server plan from us, you’ll be able to find any info that you need at any time. We’ve got heaps of informative help articles, which will help you understand better what’s happening in your semi-dedicated server account – "What is PHP?" and "What are file permissions?" are simply two instances. Our instructive guides will help you accomplish anything you like – uncompress an archive, import a database, forward a domain name, and so on. On top of that, we’ve also got troubleshooting guidelines, which will enable you to find out what induces a particular problem and the viable solutions for it. If you aren’t able to send emails or your domain opens a 500 Internal Server Error message, for example, you can examine our knowledge base and repair the problem instantaneously. You can access the articles through any Control Panel section, as well as through the dedicated Help section.