In case you need a powerful web hosting solution for your sites, you will need a standalone hosting server since a shared website hosting plan may not be able to handle the load or you could simply need some software to be present on the server. While a shared web server is handled by the hosting company, this isn't the case with a virtual or a dedicated hosting server, therefore you will have to manage many different tasks including keeping a backup of your content or installing software. This can be an issue in the event that you do not have a lot of experience or you just do not have time to handle this kind of problems. For such circumstances we offer a Managed Services upgrade, which includes a range of tasks that our system admins can execute for you, saving you the time and the inconvenience to do them yourself. This upgrade shall permit you to start and maintain a productive online presence and you can concentrate on developing your websites instead of dealing with small tedious tasks.
Managed Services Package in VPS
The Managed Services plan is available for each virtual private server that we offer and if you would like to take full advantage of this extra service, you'll be able to add it with a few mouse clicks when you sign up or at a later point in time through your virtual private server billing area. The upgrade could be renewed once a month, so you can choose if you will use it on a regular basis or just once in a while if you require it. It provides numerous things that will make the administration of your server much easier - a weekly backup of the whole VPS irrespective of how much space you have used, regular supervising of the running processes and restarting if necessary, weekly Operating System updates for superior protection and performance, and installation and troubleshooting of third-party software. That way you can reap the benefits of the full capacity of a virtual web server without worrying about the technical part because we will aid you with any challenge which you could encounter.
Managed Services Package in Dedicated Hosting
We offer the Managed Services upgrade with all our Linux dedicated servers hosting packages and if you decide that you require it, you can add it on the order page or via your billing area with just a couple of clicks. You may also pick if you shall use it just once or for a considerable amount of time because it will not be locked to your dedicated web server plan. The Managed Services upgrade includes fifty gigabytes of backup space to guarantee that we can restore any critical information you may have in the event that anything goes wrong, 24/7 hosting server tracking and restarting if needed, OS updates to guarantee the risk-free and reliable operation of your websites along with installing and troubleshooting any third-party program that you would like to use on the hosting server. You could save quite a bit of time and efforts with this upgrade since you will get timely help from our competent system admins any time you need it.