An indispensable element of our Linux hosting platform is our custom–built Web Site Control Panel. It is the only Web Site Control Panel you have to sign into in order to manage your Internet presence, which removes the need for any other interfaces. You can easily manage your websites, your domain names and your billing transactions from a single location.

Our Web Site Control Panel is designed to make it easier for you to manage your site. It’s easy to navigate and you can quickly navigate from one section to another irrespective of where you’re. All the tools that we have included are intuitive and easy to use, so there is no real learning curve. And we’ve integrated lots of other free tools that can help you with any project – from accelerating and optimizing your current websites to building new websites.

Domain Names Manager

A complete array of domain name management features

You can now manage multiple domain names without any difficulty through our Domain Names Manager. It offers all the domain name management tools that you require and everything is designed in a user–friendly fashion. Each functionality is just a single click away – from redirecting or parking a domain name to changing your domain name’s DNS or WHOIS records.

And with our Web Site Control Panel, as soon as you’re ready with your domain names, you can instantaneously begin working on your site without needing to log into a different Web Site Control Panel.

Domain Names Manager

File Manager

Manage your files and folders with a click of the mouse

With the File Manager incorporated into the 254Sun WebHosting Web Site Control Panel, you will have one of the most effective web file management tools in your hands. With it, you can upload files by simply dragging them to your browser window. You can move files and folders in your account by dragging and dropping them. You can unarchive uploaded ZIP archives.

You can also right–click on any file or folder to access these functions.

File Manager

VPN Access

A clever method for connecting to the World Wide Web anonymously

If you’re trying to find a way to bypass a firewall, or if you wish to surf the World Wide Web incognito, or if you simply wish to test a GeoIP redirection, you can use our VPN Access tool built into our Web Site Control Panel.

You can take advantage of our VPN access option on any device – your desktop PC, your phone, your netbook, etc. There is no limitation on the number of connected devices.

VPN Access

Hepsia vs. cPanel

Compare the two popular Web Site Control Panels

cPanel is the most popular Web Site Control Panel on the web and it can help you get the job done for sure. Even so, it lacks the user–friendliness you’d expect in the age of flexible and intuitive interfaces. In contrast, the Web Site Control Panel is new and is built to operate equally well now and in the future. It’s fast, simple to work with and comes with plenty of charge–free tools to help you easily kickstart your online presence.

Hepsia vs. cPanel

Site Accelerator Programs

Better search engine rankings for your sites

In our Web Site Control Panel you’ll find a selection of tools aimed at making your site work better and open faster – our Site Accelerator Programs. With the help of Varnish, Memcached and Node.js, you can boost the load speed of your web site by tenfold, without investing too much of your energy in optimizing your code.

And with your site loading faster than ever, you will not only boost the browsing experience of your web site visitors, you will also achieve a higher search engine ranking.

Site Accelerator Programs

A choice of over 40 different applications to install

Install your preferred web application with a single mouse click

In the Web Site Control Panel we have included a tool, which will permit you to install over forty famous web applications with no configuration required – our Web Application Installer. You can swiftly install Joomla, WordPress, Moodle, Mambo and many other software applications without the need to proceed through intricate installation procedures and to manually create a database. We will take care of everything for you, so your software app will be live in less than five minutes.

And we keep a logfile of what you’ve installed, as well as the username and the password that were initially typed in. This way, you will not have to worry about forgetting your password.

A choice of over 40 different applications to install
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  • The Control Panel comes with a number of Web Instruments such as an RSS Feeds interface, a Sitemap Generator as well as a GeoIP re–direction tool that will help you promote your sites.

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  • Get your Prestashop, WordPress or another application powered web site online with just a click of the mouse. Simply pick your layout and site name and we’ll launch your web presence online instantaneously. No special computing skills are required from you.

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  • Complimentary Web Site Building Tool

  • Our online Complimentary Web Site Building Tool will let you kickstart your online profile right now with straightforward point & click actions. No scripting capabilities will be required from you. More than 100 web themes available.

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